Mobile video Ads

Mobile video Ads

Beyond Mobile Mobile video Ads Platform is a simple communications technology that can be used to create and send audio-video commercials and power point presentations as video to hundreds or even thousands of mobile handset in a very short period of time. Beyond Mobile Mobile video Ads is designed as an Web-based user interfaces for reliable delivery of Video’s on mobile Handsets. Beyond Mobile Mobile video Ads Platform is used for all types of marketing activities. Send Mobile video commercials of discount offers, Product Launches, New Offers to potential customers through our highly customized mobile Video Platform.Beyond Mobile Mobile Video Ads Platform enables you to take practically any kind of marketing collateral, be it audi-visual promo, Television commercial, newspaper advertisement, pictures, images, brochures, corporate presentation, product briefs or even a storyboard and deliver it as a high quality video on the mobile phone of the target group.

Mobile video Ads - Price

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Mobile video Ads-Features

Salient Features of Promotional voice calls/sms

  • Cloud based platform for instant delivery of Video commercials to Target audience.
  • 10am to 6pm Telephone & Email TechSupport
  • Digital studio to create your high quality video commercials.

Benefits of Mobile video Ads

  • An out of the box VIDEO positioned to reach a special segment-YOUTH.
  • Video got percolated in the target community & was significantly shared by the audience
  • Lead to perfect brand building & brand positioning
  • Exciting previews of the movie reaching the audience just before every release
  • A green marketing initiative by brands. Potential replacement of weekly paper flyers
  • Geographically run campaign to reach the desired Target Group.
  • Pan India coverage & reach to the target group
  • Brands can reach their Target Audience with their corporate video right on their Mobile.
  • The brand video now finds a permanent place in consumer’s handsets. Acts as a constant brand reminder.
  • Extended shelf life of print advertising by letting its visual version to go on customers mobile.
  • A promotional video with an emotional connect found a permanent place in customers mobile.
  • A unique & innovative way of inviting guests.
  • Huge distances can't stop the timely delivery of Mobile Invite to guests. As good as meeting in person.
  • Extremely cost effective.

Mobile video Ads – FAQ

  • Yes this is a unique & innovative way of inviting guests on your wedding.

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